I'm honored to have earned the trust and endorsements from so many prominent members of our party and the community. - Mark Mantei


"I've known Mark for 3 years and during that time I have seen him work hard for the conservative movement here in Alberta. He is a well received representative for his community, and with his business and life experience, would be a great representative for Calgary Shaw. It would be my honor to serve with Mark, and constituents would be well served should they invest their vote in Mark Mantei."

Tany Yao - UCP MLA for Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo



“I admire the immense time and energy Mark has dedicated to advancing the conservative movement and
making Alberta strong again. His tireless efforts and private sector experience will serve the constituents of
Calgary-Shaw very well!”

Tanya Fir - Nominated UCP Candidate for Calgary Peigan



“I've done a lot of work in the Calgary Shaw area. When it comes to picking a candidate. The riding should pick a candidate whose lived in the community not during the good times, but through bad and the ugly. Someone that has deep roots in Calgary Shaw. I know Mark Mantei is that man. We cannot pick a candidate that has been living here for only a couple of years. We can't have a candidate that hasn't signed the front of a cheque and only the back. We can't have a candidate that is only entering public service for the money. We can't have a candidate who is only running because they see UCP as a an opportunity to gain power. We have seen that with Derek Fildebrandt and the UCP and Calgary Shaw deserve better. Mark Mantei is the only candidate who has deep roots in Calgary Shaw, who is the hardest worker. Who is choosing to serve his riding as he believes he will be Calgary Shaw's strong voice in Edmonton. Mark has seen the good, bad and ugly that this province has endured. Mark Mantei will be there for you.”

Joseph Zwiek - Conservative Activist



“As a member of PGIB for over 20 years and the current President, I along with our organization am concerned with who represents the conservative moment. We support those running for all levels of government who we believe have the right ideals, beliefs, morals, the energy and passions for change. The Patience to work with and improve our government. I believe Mark Mantei is the proper candidate to vote for, to represent us as the UPC candidate in Calgary Shaw. As an entrepreneur who has signed the front of a cheque he understands budgets, conservatism and is running to help Alberta get back on track and remove our current damaging government. Vote for Mark Mantei – Less Government, Lower Taxes and Political Accountability!”

Sid Helischauer - President Progressive Group for Independent Business



“Mark has been involved in local politcs and the conservative movement for many years. He was instrumental in unitng the Progressive Conservative and Wildrose Parties in Calgary Shaw into a cohesive Constituency Association. Mark has shown the commitment, experience and leadership skills necessary to be an effective MLA."

Dr. Bob Huff - 2015 Federal Election Campaign Manager for Calgary Heritage (Prime Minister Stephen Harper's electoral district)



“I have always known Mark Mantei to be a dependable, honest, and hard-working conservative. Among his
many roles within the provincial and federal parties over the last number of years, and as the founding
president of our local UCP constituency association, he has demonstrated his commitment to Alberta and the
people of Calgary Shaw. With Mark’s dedication and experience, there is no better candidate to ensure a UCP
victory in Calgary Shaw and to represent the people of Calgary Shaw effectively in the legislature."

Brian Dunn - United Conservative Party Calgary Shaw Constituency Association CFO



“I support Mark Mantei to become the UCP nominated candidate for Calgary Shaw. Mark’s character, experience and commitment to create more prosperity for the people of Calgary make him the compelling choice for me.

Mark’s business and political experience have prepared him well to ‘hit the ground running’ with the UCP team, if given the opportunity. As a long time resident of Calgary Shaw and the only candidate who lives in the constituency, Mark understands the issues facing Calgary Shaw residents. Mark has spent the last year meeting thousands of residents and listening to what they want and expect from the next government. Mark is ready to roll.

Mark has the support of a very strong team of people with experience in all areas of the economy, government services and politics. Politics is a team sport and a good team is needed to win in a provincial general election.

Mark Mantei is the leader that we need today. The Alberta economy has been devastated by the idealistic policies of the NDP government. Alberta has become an NDP social engineering experiment.

In my opinion, Mark Mantei and his strong team are best prepared to win in the upcoming spring election and ‘Take Alberta Back’ for Calgary Shaw."

Ron Bell – Former Vice President and General Manager Global TV, Former Budget Director for the PC Party,
Core Campaign Team Member for all of Ralph Klein’s Election Campaigns